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Relax Your Body & Soul


Massage & Wellness Connection is a spa within a spa. Located inside Salon Montage, MWC offers customized therapeutic massage that helps clients find relief from tension and stress build up that occurs in daily life. Whether it is stressful situations, emotions, or injury - our bodies store that stress in our musculature and fascial structure. MWC personalizes massage treatment that helps you start the healing process.

Skin Reclamation & Body Contouring


Massage & Wellness Connection offers Cryo T-Shock therapy, a body contouring and toning system with the ability to objectively diagnose, treat, and measure results. Cellulite and fat analysis using thermographic plates identifies and measures the success of cryotherapy treatments to pinpointed areas of the body.

Clients enjoy the specific treatments offered by MWC alongside of the other plush amenities.

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